We offer year-round swim lessons for all ages, starting at 6 months old.

Children Lessons

At DHAC we offer the very best in aquatics programs for kids 6 months to 18 years old. Our very successful learn to swim program has helped thousands of kids learn the life-long skill of swimming in a fun and progressive environment centered on individual improvement and learning. If competitive swimming is more your style DHAC offers a pre-team program for kids interested in the sport of swimming, as well as a USA Swimming sanctioned swim team – The Dedham Health Hydra. Whatever your child’s level of swimming is, we have a program to fit their needs.

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Swim Schedule 2019 - Session 1



Wednesday October 16, 2019 the Family Pool is closed. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Family Pool

Our family pool offers a place for the whole family to swim! The pool spans 25 yards and is available for ages 6 months and up. Children from 6 months to 6 years must be supervised by a parent. Swimmers 7+ may swim on their own after passing a swim test. Has direct access to clean modern bathrooms and changing facilities.

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Salt Pure Pools

Our family pool is heated to 86 degrees and utilizes a salt pure system, as well as a state of the art UV filtration system. No more itchy skin or red eyes from harsh chemicals.

Family Pool Hours

Monday through Friday
9:00AM – 7:45PM

Saturday & Sunday
9:00AM – 6:45PM

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Benefits of Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is crucial to ensure the safety of children and adults in the water. Having the ability to swim gives people the chance to enjoy the water in a safe and fun environment. All of our Swim Instructors are certified Jeff Ellis and Associates Certified Instructors. The Jeff Ellis Swimming program uses an objective driven approach to maximize the individual learning of each participant. We recognize that children learn best when having fun and engaging in hands on experiences.
The sport of swimming maintains good physical condition. Not only does it have immediate results, but it also has long-lasting effects on the body: improvement of coordination, decreased the chance of obesity and improves oxygen delivery to muscles.
Swimming is beneficial to the growth of an individual’s mental health. While engaging in physical activities, endorphins in the body are activated. Endorphins in the body are activated. Endorphins give people the sense of happiness and can act as a “natural painkiller”. Through swimming, people are able to trigger these endorphins and be naturally happier.

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